Tokyo obsessed - Part I - The touch 镰仓

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

♕♡♘  by lsromantic

That is the softness part of my heart.

Sometimes I do not even want to know if it is existed.

It touches me, touches my skin, my figures, my throat, until it gets hurt.

But I still wake up, like everyday.

One part of my heart is missing.

It might be anywhere.

I was looking for it since last year, somedays I thought I finally found it.

But I did not.

There are those sour, upside down sort of roving strange feelings in my stomach.

I try to hold myself, and look up.

Maybe I do not know myself enough,

the uncertainty in front of me, drag me down.

♛ Dress: Lsromantic

♛ Shirt: Tokyo local shop

♛ Photographer: 钟七七 @nanako_q7

♛ Location: 镰仓 Kamakura, Tokyo

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