Tokyo obsessed - Part II - Call out old times

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Thursday, August 17, 2017

♕♡♘  by lsromantic

She says, it is the place where SLAMDUNK was born.

And she smiles, put on her camera, the sun touches her lifted cheek.

when we stand on the harbor, the wind blows my hair.

Just like old times. 

There is a fragment in my mind, off and on.

 I could feel it, 

It feels warm and soft, like the sands in my both hands. 

Like my dad put me in his arms,

 and recorded every chapter in those black film tapes.

And I watched it again and again. 

But the tapes are like the memories. they are all gone.

♛ Jacket: Tokyo second-hand shop

♛ Top: Tokyo second-hand shop

♛ Pants: Club Monaco

♛ Shoes: Converse 

♛ Photographer: 钟七七 @nanako_q7

♛ Location: 镰仓 Kamakura, Tokyo

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