Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

♕♡♘  by lsromantic

I barely wear delicate and intricate silk dresses, 

or something like exquisite beaded flowers pumps in Berlin.

Feel like those styles are too fragile for this city in general.

This place needs something else, 

some kind of power that can smash off the fake bubble of the lies from life. 


I am a very powerful woman.

That I could choose my life,

that I could be who I am,

that I could also don't give a shit that there is a stain on my shirt. 

♛ Photographer: @gremlord

♛ Top: NAKD

♛ Real cony fur vest: Club Monaco

♛ Trousers: Mango

♛ Handbag: &other stories

♛ Location: Berlin Mitte

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