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Monday, April 2, 2018

Monday, April 2, 2018


♕♡♘  by lsromantic

It is easy to complain about your life - how touch it is, how unfair it is, how stressful it is, how everyone else has it much better. But if you step into the life of someone  you envy for just a day, you will discover that everyone has their own problems,   and they are usually worse than yours. Because your problems are designed specifically for you, with the specific purpose of helping you grow.

- Kevin Hart

Well, honestly I think I am not really happy about my life. Somehow I am putting a lot of pressure on work, and also on my husband. I have always telling myself that it could have been better if. There are thousands "if-s" I could make up. And I find thousands excuses that why they were not happening. I know that I am a very unstable person that I could change my mind over and over. Then I am losing control of myself. But we all have passion, have dreams, aren't we?

 And how do I get there?

♛ Shirt: Topshop

♛ Pants:  Mango

♛ Hand Bag: Pauls Boutique

♛ Shoes: Topshop

♛ Sunglasses: Vintage

♛ Location:  Berlin

♛ Photography:  @Marta_wilk_photography

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